Knee Support Orthopedic Knee Brace S

Knee Support Orthopedic Knee Brace S

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Knee Support Orthopedic Knee Brace S


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> The Knee Support is made up of a special material that is similar in nature to neoprene. Its special features include dual adjustment straps, medial and lateral hinges in suede pockets. It also has two moveable felt buttress pads. Different sizes are available for accommodating various knee circumferences.
> The Knee Support is made up of non-neoprene material which combines the water vapor transmission ability and breathability with stretch, durability and compression of neoprene. This whole mechanism allows the perspiration or vapors to evaporate. This mechanism is further enhanced by treatment of soft polyester that usually absorbs moisture from its source, pulls it from the brace and evaporates it from the skin, hence leaving the skin feeling dry.
> It also keeps the right amount of relaxing and soothing effect on soft tissues by providing warmth due to the compression this item provides. Its special and unique design keeps it completely fit and economically and environmentally suitable for patients facing knee trouble. Its high performance and triple layer formula provide integrity. So, go ahead and select the size that will fit you properly.
> Its dual action hinge is easy to remove and clean. Its open popliteal area also removes bunching and increases comfort. The wrap around style accommodates all kinds of legs. This product is highly recommended for people who are facing latercal/medial collateral ligament instability. With this product you won?t have to worry about the support weakening. The straps are strong and once you adjust them in the manner you require there?s no need for you to keep bending down and trying to adjust them properly again.
> The Knee Support is one of the best options for you if you?re facing knee troubles and want to relieve the pain you?re experiencing.

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